SAP Business One for Produce

Integrated Produce Software to Effectively Manage Your Supply Chain


Features of SAP Business One for Produce

SAP Business One provides produce companies with visibility across the entire supply chain, including compliance to strict industry regulations. Improve the time, effort and accuracy with a robust feature-set designed to give companies like yours complete visibility of all operations.

PTI Compliant Labels and GS1 Barcoding

Create labels that are compliant with strict industry standards such as the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Automated Workflows

Automate administrative processes to save yourself time and money

Capture Batch Attributes

Manage and track several variations related to individual batches of your produce

Warehouse Management

Track warehouse movements forwards and backwards, forwards and on demand

FEFO Picking

Create controls to improve shelf-life management and effectively manage your inventory

Production Management

Improve end-to-end operational efficiency

Quality Controls

Manage quality by setting specific controls and performing frequent mock recalls

Real-Time Reporting

Create custom dashboards and reports with accurate, real-time data

Drive Profit with the Right Technology

Drive Profit with the Right Technology

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Benefits of SAP Business One for Produce

SAP Business One is proven to help produce companies grow quickly and drive profit.

Inventory management

Reduce waste and ensure no loss of sales opportunities with accurate inventory data, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Streamlined Operations

Optimise production, packaging, inventory management, and automated workflow features to improve company-wide efficiency

Save Time and Money

Leverage real-time dashboards and reports to make better-informed business decisions

Comply with Strict Industry Standards

Leverage the traceability features to easily comply with industry regulations including the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)


Easily track your produce from farm to fork while having complete visibility into your supply chain & operations

Customer Satisfaction

Automated administrative processes, quality controls and mock recalls all ensure that your customers are getting the best products and services from your company

“SAP business One gives a clear advantage over our competition. They still suffer from the same problems we had before we implemented the software.”

Mike Lane,
Controller, Coral Beach Farms

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See how SAP Business One has helped produce companies run simple, grow fast and drive profit.

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