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Bring health products to the market faster and regulatory compliant using a single scalable solution.

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Features of SAP Business One for Nutraceuticals Companies

To satisfy today’s ever growing number of health conscious people looking for the next best supplement or those turning to natural medicines, SAP Business One offers an industry-specific ERP solution that helps Nutraceuticals companies streamline their operations and bring products to the market, while complying with strict industry mandates.

SAP Business One for Nutraceuticals enables manufacturers of protein powders, vitamin and mineral blends, dietary, herbal and other supplements and health foods to meet FDA, FTC and NIH regulations with the following:

Production Scheduling

Generate the required purchase requisitions of specialty ingredients and other raw materials to avoid batch job shortages or rescheduling.

Product Costing

Take advantage of all the costing methods, analysis and financial controlling operations.

Quality Control

Establish sample vendor inspections, checklists, QC tests and acceptance quality limit.

Mandated Data Collection

System-defined product types automatically calculated based on servings sizes, active ingredient potencies and losses.

Compliant Record Management

All relevant formulas and finished goods handled from conception through formulation.

Customized Reporting

Automate batch and continuous processes to minimize manual intervention.

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Benefits of SAP Business One for Nutraceuticals

SAP Business One help enable companies in the nutraceuticals industry to stay compliant through:

Product Data Management

Define all the information and compliance data that is required to fully describe a product

Comply with Strict Industry Standards

Quality instructions and tests can be executed against your vendor deliveries, production jobs, equipment, in stock inventory and customer shipments

Save Time and Money

Leverage real-time dashboards and reports to make better-informed business decisions

Data Collection

Improve data accuracy and streamline production and inventory process flows


Easily track the genealogy of a product while having complete visibility into your supply chain & operations

Customer Satisfaction

Capture and manage the lifecycle of a complaint, regardless of whether it came from a customer, vendor or an internal department

“With SAP Business One, we have the ability to get information out quicker and offer our customers another level of service.”

Ted Wiebe
Controller GFR Pharma Ltd.

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