Metal Processing

Metal Processing

The metal processing industry has strict industry standards. In order to remain efficient and provide sustainable production and supply chain management, metal processing companies can leverage SAP Business One to easily adapt to new and existing regulations.

Features for the Metal Processing Industry:

  • ISO Compliance
    Improve quality control across the supply chain and effectively manage engineering change controls

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    APS for resource, resource groups, machines, tools, and labour optimises capacity and increases productivity

  • Cost Calculation
    Calculate by items, work orders, and batches. Easily calculate profits and losses per product line

  • Easy Integration with Subsystems
    Integrate with CAD and PLM machines and devices, nesting solutions, and more

Benefits for the Metal Processing Industry:

  • Easily meet increasing demands on production

  • Get a full, 360-degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement

  • Streamline business processes to suit market needs as your company grows

  • Improve integration to ensure that your manufacturing company is effective and efficient with your time and resources

Learn how Enhancing Traceability can Improve Quality Control

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