Cosmetics manufacturers must comply with strict standards, as well as GMP guidelines. Cosmetics companies need an integrated solution that can integrate all current and future regulatory standards, improve production processes and enhance supply chain management. Here are the cosmetics-specific features available with SAP Business One:

Features for the Cosmetics Industry:

  • Supports GMP Requirements
    All quality, safety, and compliance requirements are met based on specific industry needs. This includes FDA, EMA, BRC, IFRA, GHS, and more requirements

  • User Defined Fields
    Author complex formations, properties, compliance checks, and documents

  • Real-time Data
    Record data modifications, production and quality control data that includes test, acceptance, and release steps

  • Cost Calculation
    Flexible, multilevel margin calculation of your costs per article, production order, or batch

  • Easy Integration with Subsystems
    Integrate with SCADA, LIMS, and more

Benefits for the Cosmetics Industry:

  • Scalable solution grows as your company grows

  • Rapid alignment with new industry regulations and changing market trends

  • Get a full, 360-degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement

  • Streamline business processes to suit market needs as your company grows

  • Improve integration to ensure that your manufacturing company is effective and efficient with your time and resources

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