Companies in the chemical industry must comply with GMP guidelines in addition to a number of industry regulations such as the EMA, FDA, BRC, IFR, and GHS. With so many strict industry standards to adhere to, chemical companies can utilise SAP Business One to easily meet all legal and GMP regulations while continuing to improve efficiencies in production, logistics, and supply chain management (SCM) to maintain a competitive advantage.

Features for the Chemical Industry:

  • Supports GMP Requirements
    All quality, safety, and compliance requirements are met based on specific industry needs

  • Advanced Inventory Management
    Track byproducts and coproducts, yield, waste-age, shelf life, expiry date, FIFO and FEFO

  • Real-time Data
    Record data modifications, production and quality control data that includes test, acceptance, and release steps

  • Supply Chain Management
    Backward, forward, batch and quality traceability ensures that you can effectively track your products

  • Equipment Management
    Track the status of your production equipment so that you know when it is time for maintenance or the status of a repair

Benefits for the Chemical Industry:

  • Easily adhere to GMP guidelines

  • Cost-efficient and optimised production processes

  • Get a full, 360 degree view of your manufacturing company with analytics to monitor continuous improvement

  • Streamline business processes to suit market needs as your company grows

  • Improve integration to ensure that your manufacturing company is effective and efficient with your time and resources

Learn how Enhancing Traceability can Improve Quality Control

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